Thursday, May 22, 2014

Keeping Track and Staying Motivated

One thing I have ALWAYS struggled with is keeping motivated with my workouts. I was always the one who would make it a couple weeks into a program then stop! I would get to that lovely rest day and then that was it. I would not workout at all and then the next day would come and I would skip that day. And would just keep skipping till I had no motivation at all to continue. 

With that being said I've been looking and thinking of ways that I can keep myself going. And I found this neat way to do that on Pinterest! 
Numbering out each day and being able to take it down after each workout is a good way to keep going. This works really well with the 21 Day Fix since it's a 21 day program! But it would work great with any program or goal you may have! I would recommend with a 60-90 day program breaking it down into 30 days this way you don't get discouraged! 

Another thing I really like is having a visual of pounds to lose and pounds lost! Also you can add in inches (because inches are just as important if not more) and a reward jar for your hard work!  This is also another great motivator to keep you going when you start to see those pounds coming off! 

 As you can tell I LOVE the visual aspect of keeping track!  These are cute and simple things you can do. Find what helps keep you motivated and go with it!

Remember losing weight is a marathon not a sprint! Don't get down when you have a bad day. Get yourself up and keep going. Have faith in yourself. That's one of the biggest things that will hold you back from anything. Once you have that faith in yourself, you can move mountains! 

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