Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Crazy 8's Video

I said a week ago that I would post a video of me doing the week 1 workout called "Crazy 8's" and I finally got it uploaded on the computer and ready to post for you!  At first I was afraid I had lost it because I was going through my phone and cleaning out old pictures and I deleted the video!!!  But somehow I lucked out and emailed it to my husband (I don't even remember doing that either lol) So if your ready for a laugh then here it is! Hey in my head I felt like an amazing dancer but not so sure if I really look like one when I watch the video!  But I will say I really love this workout program.  Its so nice to get a good workout in and not feel like your working out.  And if you need a good pick me up and sometime to just laugh at yourself then this is it.  The first couple days of learning the routine for the week is full of laughing at myself for trying to get the steps right! It's a lot of fun and I hope you will join me!

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