Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fun Fact Time!

A couple fun facts about Shakeology from the use to be sceptic!  I still remember when I first talked to my cousin about Shakeology. The first thing that stood out to me like anyone else is the PRICE! I automatically started saying NO WAY I would pay that for shakes. I can't AFFORD that!  No way this is worth it. But guess what once I seen the break down of the cost and realized for less than $5 a day I could do it. It's cheaper than eating out for lunch or breakfast everyday. It all comes down to how bad you want it?  People will spend hundreds of dollars on clothes/bags/shoes but when it comes to our health we put the breaks on and all the red flags of this cost to much pop up!  We've got to start putting our health first and make changes!  If you want to get in all your veggies in at once, have more energy, reduce the junk food cravings then this is for you!  Don't be like me and tons of other people who just look at the price and freak out! Stop and say what can I do so I can afford this because You are worth it!  Contact me for me details today if your interested!  

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