Monday, August 24, 2015

You Got This

Another week of Cize is complete!  "You Got This" was a step up from Crazy 8's but its also a statement as Hey you do have this!  It might get harder but that's why we do it.  You aren't going to get better and improve if you stay the same and skip the hard stuff.  If you still aren't sure how much of a workout this is well let me tell you after doing this workout this week my abs were so sore!  I couldn't figure out why they were till I was doing this and realized Holy Crap this is why!  I'm getting a ab workout and I don't even realize it.  That's why I LOVE THIS!  I'm getting a workout in while having fun.

Here is another video of yours truly.  Yes it might not be pretty (I was dodging Thomas Toys and both my boys) but I got it in and I'm still going strong!!

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