Saturday, January 16, 2016


I’ve started doing more reading this year in health and fitness books.  I’ve also been doing research about goal setting too.  And one thing I’ve been finding that all big name trainers say about goal setting is to find you WHY and set a SMART Goal.  Because we all know if you want to be successful on your weight loss journey you must have a clear cut picture of what you want and how your going to get it. 

You might be asking…Ok what the heck is a SMART Goal?  


S-Specific (Who, What, When, Why) I want you to be able to go into detail as much as possible.  Who is involved, What do you want to accomplish, Why are you doing this.

M-Measurable (From/To) Are you able to track your progress and measure your outcome?  How much weight was lost, how many inches have you lost, and how will you know when your goal is accomplished (your goal weight)

A-Attainable (How) Make sure your goal isn’t out of reach and that you will be able to accomplish it in a reasonable time frame.  Example: Don’t say I’m going to lose 30 pounds in a month.  Yes some can do this but most of us can’t, so lets make sure your goal is realistic for you!

R-Relevant (Worthwhile) It has to be something that means a lot to you.  Something that you will make sacrifices for.

T-Timely (When) Have a time limit set for when you will have your goal completed by.  “I will complete this _______________________ by month/day/year.  It will give you motivation to keep going when you feel like giving up.  Knowing you only have so many days to complete it will keep it real and keep you going. 

Now is the time to not be vague when making your goals.  Don’t say I just want to be healthy.  Or I want to lose weight.  Or I want to be fitter.  There is no way that these goals can be measured.  Set a goal saying “I WILL lose 30 pounds by July 4th 2016.”   ALWAYS make sure to say I WILL and have a date that you will complete your goal by. 

Once you have your SMART Goal write it down, save it to your computer, save it on your phone, put it on the refrigerator, your bedroom, somewhere at your workplace or desk.  Just make sure it is somewhere that you’ll see it everyday.   This will help keep you motivated and will remind you of what it is your working for. 

Remember we all fail, we all fall off the wagon……but the key is to get back up, dust yourself off and keep going!  Yes it will be hard and you might want to quit but remember why you started and why you want this.  AND KEEP GOING!

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