Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Taking care of the things you love.....

As kids we are taught to take care of our toys.  We are taught to put them away when we are done playing with them and to not destroy them or lose them.  As adults we still do this same thing but with bigger items or things that we love and would hate to lose. 

When we buy something with our hard earned money we treat that item with a great deal of respect. For example when someone buys a new car, we make sure to keep it clean by washing it inside and out.  We take care of it by getting the oil changed, tires rotated, and any other mechanical work that needs to be done.  Or you buy that designer purse you’ve always wanted.  Or that pair of shoes you’ve been saving months for.  What I’m getting at is something that we just love and can’t live without, we want it to stay as perfect as long as possible. We don’t want anything to happen to it because we worked so hard to get it.

So why the heck don’t we treat ourselves like this? Why don’t we show ourselves and our bodies the love that we show other things we have in our lives?  

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote “You only have one body….so you better take care of it”.  And yet so many people don’t do this.  So many people hate their bodies and don’t love them! They don’t treat their own bodies like they are worth a million dollars.  We just sit back and make all kinds of excuses for why we are overweight and why we can’t lose it.   We just keep feeding ourselves and our families with junk food and drinks that aren’t good for us. 

 Now I’m not saying you have to be perfect and eat healthy every day.  Let’s get real….we all love to eat and there are things we love that aren’t the healthiest but that’s ok…..just don’t overdo it.  You can live life, have fun, and eat healthy all at the same time. We just have to learn to eat heathier and exercise more while having a cheat meal here and there. 

Once you start thinking of this as a life style change and not a diet it will be so much easier.  Find someone to help you stay on track.  Don’t do this alone unless you know 100% that you are better off without someone there to motivate you and help keep you on track. It’s not always going to be easy but if it’s something that you really want you will do it.  Look at it like that new car or designer bag you want. You’ll save and work your butt off for it, so why not work for your health and your body.  Treat it with love and you’ll learn to love yourself back in return.  If we learn to love and treat our bodies with respect it will return the favor for us. 

Remember it’s not going to happen overnight, but if we keep putting in the effort it will happen!