Saturday, March 26, 2016

Non Scale Victory Time

I never, never, never brag about myself. I just hate being the centre of attention!  I'm an extremely shy person who's totally fine just sitting back and soaking it all in, instead of being up front and centre!

But I have to give myself a shout out for my hard work I've been putting over the past month and half.

I'm finally off my of postpartum depression medicine that I've been on since July. Admitting that I had a problem and that something was wrong was by far the hardest thing that I had to come to grips with!  I had my first son in January 2013 and it was amazing. I felt awesome and loved being a new mom and my son. But with my second son I didn't feel that way at all it was completely different and I struggled so much with so many emotions and things going on. After figuring out what was wrong I got subscribed to medication and started to feel so much better but man when it came to my fitness and weight loss it just wasn't happening.

But finally once I got back to myself and off my medicine.....I committed myself to getting back to working out and eating healthy. I had to do this not only for me but for my family as well!  I was worth it.

And I'm so happy I did! I've started losing weight again! I'm down 10 pounds and also down 2 pant sizes!!!! Yes 2!  For that little voice inside who would say just give up its not going to work....well I worked for it and it happened....Was it easy? No of course not but there's not much in life that does come easy!  You have to put the work in for it happen!  Trust me when I tell you if you put in the time and effort it will happen! Have faith in yourself and put in the effort.  YOU will see the results!

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