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Have you ever wished that you had more time to do things that you love and to be home more with your family?  Do you like to workout or are you interested in starting to work out and getting healthy? Do you like helping others as well as being a support person and mentor?  If so then I would love the opportunity to talk to you more about Beachbody and joining my team!

Independent Beachbody Coach Information & Cost:
  • One time $40 sign up fee to become a Coach.  OR your $40 fee can be waived when you by a Challenge Pack (workout & month supply of Shakeology) or if you or your spouse is active military.  
  • Monthly website fee of $15.95 (waived if active or veteran military).  This fee is for 3 websites that you will have to use through Beachbody.  They are your Beachbody Coach Website, Shakeology Website, & Ultimate Reset Website (all are ran through Beachbody so there is no inventory for you to keep up with)
Benefits for being a Coach:
  • Receive a 25% discount on all Beachbody products including Shakeology and merchandise.
  • 25% commission on anything your customers buy from you
  • Get paid weekly from what commission you make (every Thursday )
  • No inventory, shipping, or returns.  Beachbody does all of this for you!
  • Becoming part of a TEAM. We have access to marketing tools and guidelines on how to grow and build your business.  
  • Beachbody spends MILLIONS of dollars on advertising their products.  They do this through TV, magazines, and internet ads as well.  It's our job to help be a product of the products and share our love for them and help others as well.   

Few Questions you might have could be: 

How do you succeed at being a Coach?
First thing is working on being a product of the product.  This means picking a workout and following the schedule given to you.  Also following a meal plan and drinking your Shakeology.  You reach out to others and give them guidance along with support.  Invite them to join your groups, help them with any questions they might have, give them guidance, and support along the way.  Also working on your personal development. Taking a 10 mintues a day to read or listen, or even just reading 10 pages a day just to grow yourself on the inside will help you in so many ways!  (This was something I struggled with and still working on at getting better at doing to this day!)

How do I make Money?
You earn commission off of every sale you make through your Beachbody account.   When you sign someone up through your account (You become their "Coach" and they become your "Customer") and they buy something from their beachbody account, you will receive 25% commission from the sale.  **Also once you start building a team of Coaches you can receive cash bonus on how your team is doing.

Not a Fitness Expert?
NO PROBLEM!  Because guess what I'm not either nor do I claim to be!  If your ready to help others end the trend of obesity and make a change in the world then you've got what it takes.  If you have any questions that you don't know the answer to I'm here to help you find the answer or point you to a person who would!  We are in this TOGETHER!

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